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DLANC Candidate: Brady Westwater

Candidate Statement

My name is Brady Westwater and I am running for one of the three arts/culture/education seats on DLANC. I was born and raised within walking distance of downtown and my family has lived or worked in the downtown area for close to a hundred years.

Among the many groups I work with is SIDE STREET PROJECTS which has most recently created a digital education program for an orphanage which resulted in the first graduates of the institute to ever enroll into a college, developed a program for South Central kids to explore the history of Central Avenue, worked with kids in the Pico-Union area to create a database of the history of the Westlake District, worked with at-risk kids in a film making program after which one of them had a film accepted into the Silver Lake Film Festival and worked with high school kids to develop a PSA for water conservation.

I am also very active in promoting the local theater scene and in the past have produced some of the largest and best reviewed art shows in the downtown area. Presently, I am trying to assist in reopening the old Regent Theater as a legitimate theater again, reopening the Linda Lea Theater as an Indy Film house, and establishing a center for arts education for not just kids but adults, too, along numerous other projects which is why I have not found the time to do any real campaigning for this seat. I am also very interested in historical preservation and in using the arts to make downtown Los Angeles a place where all income levels and all types of people can live together. If you have any questions, you can reach me on the cell at


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