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A Family Story: The Pellegrino's

The Pellegrino's of Los Angeles
Part 1


first personal notes.....
My grandfather worked at the Los Angeles Daily News. They used to hire him during his summer vacation. He would take the red line and green line around town to pick up the money the newsstands owed the paper. He told me about how you could take the redline from Whittier to Santa Monica beach. He used to take the Angel's Flight funicular too. Later, after he meet my mother, who lived with her mother at the time, he would stop by the good old downtown Grand Central market and pick up vegetables and such and bring them with him when he went to visit her. My grandmother also told me she used to love going there and picking up produce. My grandmother used to reminisce about all the orange groves that are gone now, and how as a girl the whole area still had groves.
I once asked my grandmother if she remembered the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She did. The family was in the backyard early in the morning. She said it was a typically beautiful Los Angeles day. They had a small trampoline and the kids were playing on it, they had the radio on and all of a sudden the braodcaster interrupted with the news of the bombing. She said it seemed like everything just stopped. She was very upset and started crying as she listened.

Chris Pellegrino


The Story of the Pellegrino's is the Los Angeles experience of  an Italian family. Part 1 is the first thoughts of a grandson thinking over family memories as told to him by his parents and grandparents. This is a three part series.


The Pellegrino brothers working in Downtown woman's stocking factory

Next Month Part 2
The Early Years: 1925-1935