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DLANC Candidate: Kimmy McCann

Kimmy McCann - DLANC Candidate

Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Candidate Statement

"I think that the Downtown scene has so much to offer as far as a new vision, and I think that we all believe in our new vision. And we don't judge it based on if it's like somebody else's. So I think that makes it different."

Kimmy McCann, as quoted in The Los Angeles Downtown News, "Altering Perception, Altering Reality" by Jack Briggs. August 10, 2001

Kimmy McCann is a professional artist who lives and works in Downtown.

Besides exhibiting artwork throughout Los Angeles in Galleries like Gallery Ophelia, Gallery 825, Art Coalition, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art-Sales and Rental Gallery, McCann has organized
community oriented events called Zone 9 Art out of her art studio located in Central City East, and contributes time and energy to similar groups such as Cannibal Flower. These events emphasize the bringing together of artists and non-artists for a creative dialog
and joint creative experience. As a result of these events, Downtown Los Angeles is further developing a rooted network of today's emerging artists which is further fostering a community-at-large in the art scene.

Kimmy McCann is running for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council. She will contribute, as an artist and community advocate, problem solving, goal oriented persistence to the issues at hand, as
well as help to strengthen the vision which unites DLANC's central purpose: To help make Downtown Los Angeles a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Please cast your vote for Kimmy McCann for the Board of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council on Election Day, September 17, 2002 in the Category of Residential Area Wide Artist.

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