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DLANC Candidate: Chris McCoy

Candidate Statement

My name is Christopher McCoy and I am a resident of Downtown Los Angeles. I am proud to be called that. I have neighbors that live in penthouses and in boxes. I work a 40 hour week, and live at the San Fernando building where, like many, I can barely afford my rent. I see people in this neighborhood trying hard to build a community, and I see many trying to create economic and racial divides between us.

I believe that the voting power and tax base emerging in downtown will create changes on the city council. I believe we can, as a community, improve the quality of life for EVERY resident. That is my goal...ONE Downtown for all.

If elected, I will ensure our taxes are spent in our community. I will find a way to get the more of our homeless out of boxes and into residences. I will make sure rent-controls are put in place for high and low income housing. I will work to create more green spaces in downtown. I will strive to make downtown a livable environment for all. I will make sure that downtown is not forgotten in council chambers.

ONE Downtown means everyone that makes our diverse community is important. It means we all contribute. If you elect me, I will make sure that this is ONE Downtown for all people.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chris McCoy

Endorsed by Downtown LA Life