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Downtown Artist

Art and the Written Word as One Form


"I always knew that I had stories to tell, and I always did it through imagery. I was six when I started to paint and tell my stories"

Born in 1969, Natalie Hansen grew up in Lafayette, California. She was drawing and painting from a very early age and was lucky enough to have a family that valued these talents and encouraged them in her.

In recent years, Natalie has concentrated on large canvas work, with free brushwork, rich textures, and has introduced thought provoking words and stories within her pieces that refer to her life and the world around her. She paints with long energetic strokes on canvas or panels with a varied palette lush with color. Her emphasis is on the rich colors and textures, incorporating thoughts of the human soul with subtle patterns of light and shadow along with hidden messages.

"I was inspired by Ann Reinhart, a fine arts professor from San Jose State, and the work of Squeak Carnwath, an internationally known painter out of Oakland. "Rienhart taught me how to let go and release the images and words that were in my brain. Squeak's work introduced me to how texture could help me express my stories with more fervor."

Natalie studied fine art and graphic design in northern and southern California. Her paintings have primarily been exhibited in San Francisco and San Jose, and her work has appeared in both the United States and abroad.

Currently she is painting full-time in her studio in the historic Santa Fe building, in downtown Los Angeles.

Through the years, while still pursuing her artistic endeavors Natalie has successfully managed a hectic executive career. She has maintained a level of creativity throughout her executive life and has contributed her creative insights to many major consumer brands including, Sega, Universal Studios, Sony and CBS Entertainment. During this time, she continued to study and paint as well as explore other media including photography and music.

"I feel very empowered and secure both as a businesswoman and a painter, but most importantly, as a person. Although I have always painted and created art, I feel like I am just getting started. It's so exciting. There is so much to create, interpret, learn and experience."





Artists are the Creators of our Culture